Why Dental Check-Ups Are Important

Why Dental Check-Ups Are Important

Just like pruning the garden, washing the car or going to the gym, many people in Ireland are guilty of neglecting to ensure they visit their dentist for check-ups. Though it’s recommended to visit your dentist just twice a year for a quick routine check-up, it can be too tempting for people to skip these appointments due to scheduling, financial or other reasons.

However, regular dental check-ups can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Just as you might invest in multivitamins to supplement your health, it’s important to invest a small amount of time and money in proper care of your teeth. Attending your dentist for check-ups twice a year can offer a number of benefits:

Avoid embarrassing situations by getting Dental Check-Ups

Everyone wants to avoid bad breath but chewing gum, mints and toothpaste can only do so much to deter the issue. If you’re keen on avoiding embarrassing situations of bad breath, regular dental check-ups are essential. A deep clean and examination of your teeth can ensure to remove any particles lodged in hard-to-reach areas and improve overall hygiene, preventing halitosis.

Continue to smile with pride

Consumption of coffee, wine, tea, certain fruits and other foods can cause discoloration of the teeth, discolouration can be improved through regular deep cleans during your bi-annual dental check-ups ensuring you can continue to flash a bright, white smile. Despite your best efforts to brush your teeth twice daily, this level of maintenance and care needs to be supplemented by thorough check-ups to achieve optimal oral hygiene.

Save your teeth

The last thing any dentist wants to have to do is remove a tooth. Extraction of a tooth is an absolute last resort and our go-to is always to do our utmost best to save a tooth. Patients can do their bit to prevent the likelihood of extraction by regularly attending for dental check-ups. The earlier a cavity in your tooth can be identified, the less likely the need for extraction.

A bi-annual check-up can identify a cavity you never knew you had. In fact, by the time you are aware that a cavity exists is usually when gets to the stage where it is causing you pain and discomfort and the cavity is typically at quite an advanced level at that point.

Prevent gum disease

Not only can regular check-ups help to maintain the whiteness of your teeth but also their longevity. Any deeply embedded plaque can be removed preventing damage or loss of supporting bone which can lead to tooth loss. This build-up of plaque also most frequently leads to gum disease causing bleeding and inflammation of the gums. Periodontal inflammation and disease is an issue easily prevented by regular visits to your dentist.

Detect additional health problems

During your bi-annual dental check-ups, your dentist will check for issues you may not have any symptoms of. The examination includes an assessment not only of your mouth but your throat, tongue, neck and face. More than 120 diseases can be identified through examinations of the mouth, throat, tongue, neck and face therefore a dental check-up could very well be the instance that provides early detection of additional health problems. In particular, your dentist is trained and skilled to recognise and identify the signs and symptoms of oral cancers. With 6 month dental check-ups, the likelihood of identifying oral cancer at an early stage is far higher.

A dental check-up is an affordable examination costing just €35 and one that may even be covered for free by PRSI or by your dental or health insurance. It takes less than an hour to complete but this insignificant commitment of time has a significant impact on your long term health.

Written by : Dr. Tom Munroe


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