5 Reasons to choose Dental Implants

5 Reasons to choose Dental Implants

If you are missing teeth or need teeth replaced, there are 3 common solutions – dentures, bridges or dental implants. While bridges and dentures have traditionally been the most popular options for those seeking to replace teeth, advancements in technology and the success rates of procedures has seen dental implants now emerge as the preferred solution.

Restoring missing or damaged teeth can create a stunning smile and renew confidence. Dental implants can serve as a lifelong solution to missing or damaged teeth and are the most aesthetically appealing, looking exactly like natural teeth.

1. Preserving the jawbone

When a person chooses to have a bridge or dentures fitted, there is no stimulation of the jaw bone as there is no tooth root. Stimulation of the jawbone typically occurs through chewing but denture or bridge wearers merely put pressure on their other teeth through chewing not the jawbone underneath the missing tooth.

As a result the jawbone slowly deteriorates underneath the denture or bridge. A dental implant however is made of titanium and is slotted into the jawbone just like a tooth root. The implant provides the stimulation the jawbone needs to preserve the bone just like a natural tooth would.

2. The same maintenance routine as natural teeth

While removable dentures require brushing and flossing after eating, removal at night and soaking, dental implants are subject to the same level of care and maintenance as natural teeth. Once the implant area has healed correctly, wearers can resume a typical toothbrush and toothpaste cleaning routine. Regular flossing and dental check-ups are also highly recommended as with natural teeth to ensure preservation.

3. No slipping or clicking

Dentures and bridges are liable to slip and click inside of the mouth as they do not have a root holding them down and may experience issues fitting alongside natural teeth. Some people can find the clicking noises that such dental solutions can make when they slip a little embarrassing when eating or talking in front of others. As implants are placed in the position of the missing natural tooth and their posts act as a root holding them in place, there is no such clicking or slipping for wearers.

4. Comfortable eating

Denture wearers are encouraged not to eat certain foods as doing so may cause them to slip out unexpectedly. As a result, denture wearers can feel self-conscious biting, eating or chewing food in case it causes their dentures to fall out in public. Implant wearers on the other hand do not experience issues or worries about eating foods. Biting into an apple won’t have any impact on your implant therefore reducing self-esteem and confidence issues.

5. No creams, gels or ointments required

Another key reason why people choose dental implants over other options is that they are held in place by posts. There is no need for the wearer to apply creams, gels or ointments frequently to help keep the implant in place. The bone grows around the post and connects the implant to the jaw unlike dentures which require the application of creams and gels to help them stay in place.

As with all dental treatment options, it is important to thoroughly research your tooth replacement options so you can invest in the most suitable treatment for your needs. If ever in doubt, speak to a registered dentist to discuss your thoughts and queries. An experienced dental professional will be able to help you to make a more educated decision about procedures and help you feel at ease with the prospect of undergoing the treatment.

Written by : Dr. Tom Munroe


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