Choosing a Dental Implant Clinic – Key Questions To Ask

Choosing a Dental Implant Clinic – Key Questions To Ask

The number of people in Ireland considering the prospect of getting dental implants is rapidly on the rise. There is a wealth of “success stories” out there, but the key to becoming one of those success stories is to choose the right dental implant clinic. There is a significant difference between “dentists offering dental implants” and “true dental implant experts”.

Dental implants are a significant investment, designed to last a lifetime, so it’s important that you partner with a highly experienced and skilled dental practitioner to deliver your dental implant procedure. If you are currently considering your options for dental implants abroad and in Ireland, there are some key questions to ask potential providers.

Are you licensed?

First and foremost, you should only ever consider getting implants from a highly licensed and accredited dentist. This is not the only prerequisite you should have – just because a dentist is licensed and accredited doesn’t automatically mean that they are the right fit but it is a minimum requirement when deciding which dental implant clinic to attend.

Do you have specific training and experience in dental implant procedures?

For many dentists and dental clinics, dental implants could be just an add-on service and not an area where they hold significant training and specialist expertise. Any registered dentist could offer dental implants as an add-on service, but this does not mean that they are extensively trained and experienced in the area. Ask any dental implant dentist that you are considering about their level of training and experience in conducting dental implant treatments.

How many patients has the dental implant clinic treated successfully?

Ask dentists/clinics how many patients that they have treated for implants and evidence of their success rates for such treatments. You should not only request before and after stories but ask if the clinic could put you in touch with a past patient as a reference. A reputable clinic/dentist will more than happy to fulfil such requests.

Which dentists will deliver my procedure?

Dental implant procedures can often be facilitated by more than one dentist across the length of your entire treatment period. Therefore it is important to discover which dentists in the clinic will be specifically assigned to your procedure before agreeing to the treatment so you can discuss their specific credentials. The last thing you want is to believe that you are going to receive the dental treatment from a highly experienced dentist on the team but be passed to a junior dentist to conduct initial/follow up procedures when the time comes.

How long will my treatment take?

Treatment times vary from person to person so a clinic/dentist should only be able to advise on a specific, realistic length of treatment period having examined your teeth and discussed your needs. Be wary of assurances regarding the length of treatment from dentists who have not discussed your needs at length or conducted an oral examination. Before committing to treatment, a clinic should be able to provide a written treatment plan for you to consider.

What do your fees cover?

Often treatments can seem attractively priced but there are hidden costs or exclusions that you may be aware of. It’s important to discover exactly what advertised treatment costs cover especially if considering getting dental implants abroad. Patients can often discover that the fees quoted only cover initial treatment or do not cover any aftercare so the real cost can work out far more expensive than expected.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Fees should not deter you from seeking treatment from a registered and highly experienced dental implant dentist. Ask clinics about the payment plans on offer as many may accommodate flexible payment terms which ensure that getting dental implants from a reputable clinic is a viable option for patients. Don’t take risks when it comes to dental implants. To maximise results and achieve the smile you desire, always choose a reputable clinic. Choosing the wrong dentist can turn out more costly in the long run so ensure to conduct extensive research and ask all 7 questions above to each prospective provider. Give us a call on 01 2603741 and I’d be delighted to answer any questions you may have about how we can help with your dental implant questions.

Written by : Dr. Tom Munroe


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