Why Professional Teeth Whitening Offers The Best Results

Why Professional Teeth Whitening Offers The Best Results

Modern diets and lifestyles can play a significant role in the deterioration of the appearance of our teeth as well as our overall oral health. In particular, the enamel of our teeth can become quite discoloured through smoking and consumption of wine, coffee, soft drinks and other foods and drinks. Ageing can have a critical part to play in teeth discolouration too. We’ve seen first-hand how discoloured teeth can really affect a person’s confidence with many patients admitting to actively refraining from flashing a smile such was their level of self-consciousness about the issue.

As we actively strive to revitalise the appearance of our smile, a wealth of home teeth whitening solutions and salon treatments have emerged on the market, all promising to deliver an instant Hollywood smile. As tempting as it might be to try to whiten your teeth at home or get a quick fix from a beauty salon, there are some indisputable reasons why only professional whitening treatments carried out by a certified dental professional will help you to achieve the results that you truly desire.

Fast and noticeable improvement in your smile

Despite the promise of an “instant” Hollywood smile on the packaging of home treatments, only a professional teeth whitening treatment can offer a significantly noticeable improvement after just one session. Salon treatments and DIY home teeth whitening kits can take multiple sessions and applications before you notice a vast improvement in the colour of your teeth. In one hour or less, a certified dental professional can help you to restore the appearance of your teeth close to their natural colour.

Prevent the undesirable consequences of over-bleaching

Perhaps the most frequent error that occurs with home tooth whitening is over-bleaching. In a bid to achieve Hollywood-esque pearly whites, many people can add too much solution to their application. Such over-bleaching subsequently has quite negative results, wreaking havoc with the enamel on your teeth and putting you at risk of tooth decay or tooth damage. A professional teeth whitening session on the other hand will be carried out by a certified dental professional, with extensive training and experience in the area and who will be certain to avoid these issues.

Enjoy even results by customising your treatment

Many salon treatments and home teeth whitening products are designed as “one fits all” solutions. However, not every tooth will have the same level of discolouration and so will not need to the same level of whitening. Uneven results can deter a person’s confidence even more than the original discolouration as it can be quite obvious. If you choose to visit a dental professional for teeth whitening treatment, they will be able to customise your treatment and adjust the level of whitening according to the discolouration of each tooth as well as per your own preferences.


Excellent aftercare ensuring long term results with teeth whitening

To ensure long-lasting results, dental professionals will usually provide a certified, high standard home tooth whitening solution with custom-made whitening trays and whitening gel. These solutions offer much safer and more effective results than typical over-the-counter solutions and ensure that your teeth continue to stay sparkly white after your initial treatment.

While the base price of over-the-counter solutions and salon treatments may appear to offer a better deal than professional dental teeth whitening, the quality, speed and longevity of results offered by professional treatments ensures that they are certainly the most cost-effective option long term.


Written by : Dr. Tom Munroe


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